IWAS EWH World Championships 2014

Anna Schaffelhuber, 5x Paralympics Champion 2014 (alpine skiing)

Photo by Allianz

„Sport means to me liberty and independence, it is an essential part of my life and makes me happy. For me it is important to set oneself clear targets and to believe in dreams – that’s why I find it magnificent that Stefan Utz and his team made their dream come true and got the Electric Wheelchair Hockey WC 2014 to Germany. Being sports representative I am pleased to support the World Championships to advice as much people as possible of this stunning sport. All sportsmen and sportswomen should stick together and lobby for the sport gaining the recognition that it deserves.“


Felix Neureuther, 9 FIS World Cup Victories

Photo by Kirsten Drewer

„In this year’s August the electric wheelchair hockey WC takes place in Munich – that’s a big event, that I love supporting! I know how you feel like in advance to such a big competition and I am convinced that everything is possible with enough courage, a lot of will and a little bit fun of playing. So go for it and defend the world champion title! I keep my fingers crossed for you.“


Uli Maurer, German national ice hockey player and forward of EHC Red Bull München

Photo by EHC Red Bull München

„The athletes need a majorly good coordination between eye and hand. Actually, it is really demanding to move the wheelchair and simultaneously play the ball with the stick, so I hold the teams in high esteem. As the Electric Wheelchair Hockey WC takes place in our stadium, I feel very honored to support this big sporting event.“


Birgit Kober, 2x Paralympics Champion 2012 (javelin/shot put), 2x World Champion 2011 & 2013 and European Champion 2012:

„Having been appointed to one of the sport ambassadors of this event is a great honor for me. I am really happy that I even will find time to attend the ceremonies and the competition before participating in “my own” European Athletic Sports Championship in Wales, so that I will be able to properly patronize this World Championship. As a sports ambassador it is my task to represent a specific sport and I can only say: “Come on, take all your WC kit with you and just let inspire you, like I was inspired few years ago!” I’m sorry I have drawn a “Group of Death” for the German team as it has already been called in some comments. But the one who competes with the bests right from the start always has to play on high level and that can be very beneficial. Good concentration triggers full achievement potential. I am convinced that the German team is up to this challenge. I truly know the preparation for such a big international event is very tough and laborious. That’s why I wish everybody who is involved, the teams, the spectators, the volunteers, the sponsors and in particular the athletes fair games and just a good time.“